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Book individual and team work sessions at Spots that inspire creativity and drive productivity.

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Browse through our handnpicked professional workspots at top coffee shops, coworking spaces, and lobbies.

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Book a Spot for team meetings, deep work sessions, video calls or off-sites. When and where you need them.

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Enjoy Spoto’s amenities to make your work session as productive and delightful as possible

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Guaranteed Spot

Professional workspot to facilitate all your working needs and beyond.

Reliable Wi-Fi

Work without interruptions with Spoto-operated fast Wi-Fi network.

Power Outlet

Charge up to 3 devices.

Laptop Stand

Improve your posture.

Smartphone Chargers

Keep all your devices running.


Pens, notepads, sticky notes, etc.

Convertable Standing Desk

*At selected locations only.

Spoto for every need you have

Browse through our handpicked professional workspots at top coffee shops, hotel lobbies, libraries, etc.

Work Spot

Best for deep work or calls

Lounge Areas

For 1:1s and team meetings

Meeting rooms

For team meetings, and gatherings


For off-sites and company all-hands

Standing Spots

Improve your focus, relief your back tention


For the good weather days and for smokers

Your hosts

Apply as a Host


HaArba'a St 28, Tel Aviv

Great for:
  • Deep work session
  • Meeting (up to 4 guests)
  • Zoom call
  • Team offsite
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Zero Commute

Save the commute time and emission by booking a nearby workspot that has everything you need.

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Offices, especially home ones are full of distractions. Boost your productivity and creativity by working from our Spots at locations like coffee shops - it’s backed by science.

Face-to-face meetings

Book beautiful, professional, and comfortable lounge areas or bigger Spots for meetings or private 1:1 sessions.

Get Spoto for Your Team

Make hybrid work more productive and delightful

  • Attract talent, boost employee retention and happiness
  • Professionalize WFH by providing your teams access to Spoto’s workspaces
  • Increase employees productivity and cretaivity. Keep them focused when they work remotely.
  • Reduce office costs
  • Improve your company’s sustainability
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