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topics the survey covers:
Employees’ satisfaction

Lean how your team feels about your current hybrid workspace setup.

Workspace preferences

Find your team’s ideal mix of working from home, office and third places.

Ideal office size

Cut office costs by optimizing your office size to your team needs.

Office facilities

Evaluate the in-office facilities your team needs to perform at its best.

Work from home support

Support your team to overcome work-from-home challenges, loneliness and distractions.

Work setup improvements

Consider providing your team with workspace extentions at “third places” to boost their productivity.

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  • Former WeWork product strategy manager
  • Interviewed tens of HR managers at top Israeli tech companies about their hybrid work approach
  • Working remotely since 2017
  • CEO of Spoto, an all-in-one workspace solution platform
  • Familiar with all the cutting edge research on hybrid work (and happy to share it)

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